"When I choreograph, I don’t want to overstate things. That creates a sense of delicacy in my work, which is difficult for some people. Delicacy is intense: you have to be right there, concentrating, to touch something delicate. It’s like trying to pick up a butterfly that’s almost transparent."

photograph by Alina Ușurelu: dreamsart.org

“At times her dances may remind the viewer of early Graham – when Graham was herself still digging into movement rather than limiting herself to what had become a standardized vocabulary. At other times one is reminded that Soll’s early studies were with European modern dancers, so that Wigman and Jooss figure in her lineage.  But most often what one sees is simply an altogether personal . . . dance imagery.”
David Vaughan, Dance magazine

“Gentle, unusual, luminous . . . iconic purity . . . thoughtful, beguiling, dance.”
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

“The dancing is both refined and unrefined—natural roughness fastidiously framed. Images, some of them almost like still pictures, suggest journeys, meditation, fear, celebration.”
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

“This is dance at its most magical, mystical, mysterious.”
Cerinda Survant, Chicago Reader

“Noted for her abstract idiosyncratic style, Soll is something of an alchemist: she takes the dross of everyday life and turns it into the equivalent of spun gold.”
Thea Singer, The Boston Phoenix

“Beth Soll is a pioneer taking risks in the same way as the founders of American dance took risks. She is working on the frontier of a new area, extending the boundaries where others may follow, if they dare.”
Iris M. Fanger, Christian Science Monitor

“Soll is a surreal artist with a ‘naif’ iconography. Her subjects are spirituality, sacredness, absurdity . . . I come away from Soll’s concerts feeling that she is near to delivering me somewhere: a space, or a pane where movement will form not a question but an answer.”
Laura A. Jacobs, The Boston Phoenix

photograph by Erin Baiano

“A distinguished, absorbing, and deeply satisfying concert.”
David Vaughan, Dance magazine

“Soll’s work is indeed unclassifiable, delicate, fraught with many of the finer elements of modern dance and often as close to poetry as performance movement comes.”
Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune.

“. . . volatile, thrilling, both kinesthetically and spiritually and altogether magnificent . . .”
Christine Temin, The Boston Globe

photograph by Alina Ușurelu: dreamsart.org


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